“End The Fight” – Captain America: Civil War Writing Exercise

Captain America: Civil War sparked a lot of debate about the ideologies of heroes Iron Man and Tony Stark. The Russo brothers created a masterful adaptation of the classic comic book event filled with philosophical quandaries and character depth.

One of my favorite analyses of Civil War is this Tumblr post (Screenshot Below). Reading it inspired me to write a Deep POV of after the fight from Captain America’s perspective.

At no point was killing ever an option. Tony had multiple opportunities to cease his attacks of Bucky. But of course, Tony could not look past the emotions of the present and the past to logically consider the morality of his choices. Tony calls himself a futurist but he has made many shortsighted choices. He has been on the world’s stage his whole life but has only recently been faced with the consequences of his actions. Impulse is his default. Confrontation always brings him back around.

I cannot fathom what the amount of torture Tony has gone through since that cave. It seems like his whole life has come to reckon with him.

I understand what it’s like for the whole world as you knew to be pulled from under you in an instant. But to be figuring out who you are on top of dealing with alien threats…

But we have come to this. The son of my mentor. A certified genius. A man I consider an ally and close friend has sought blind vengeance against my closest friend.

I’ve known Bucky since we were children. He stood up for me and protected me in Brooklyn before all of this happened to me. He stayed with me even after the experiment changed me. I failed him in that train. I couldn’t get to him in time. I thought I had lost him forever.

Everything was different when I was brought back into the world. When I looked around, time had passed everyone by but me. My best girl was at the end of her life and could barely remember me. An organization had been formed and prospered after the war.

But corruption within had made it a threat instead of a protectorate. HYDRA, that very corruption, had survived the war. To think of the horrors that were committed for their agenda. The torture they subjected Bucky to for years…it angers me more than I should ever show.

After what happened in D.C., I didn’t know if I would find him or if I would be faced with the Winter Soldier again. But Bucky had somehow found a way to be safe and left alone while he tried to sort himself out. But [civil war villain] accused him of more atrocities and he had to run.

All I wanted was to protect him the way he protected me. Yes, I knew that The Winter Soldier had killed Howard and Mrs. STARK. In hindsight, I probably should have explained to Tony when I knew. But there is never a right time for something like this.

Tony was ready to kill Bucky for something that Bucky had no control over. So my plan going in was to stop the fight and keep everyone alive.

Tony is a technological genius but not a fighter. I knew that it could disable his repulsed, Bucky and I could pin Tony and try to talk him down. I never anticipated that he would be able to analyze my movements and have the suit do the fighting for him.

That’s when I knew that The one way to stop him was to destroy the arc reactor. He still kept the power that saved his life close to his chest after removal. The only thing I had that could break it was my shield.

I shouldn’t have taken what Tony said to me personally at all. But for him to think that I was betraying him, to call my honor as a human and as a soldier in question frustrated me greatly. Emotions were high. I realize now that Tony may have thought I would have killed him when I made that final blow.

Stop the fight. That was always the goal. I left the shield but I don’t want to leave our friendship there as well. I will make my things right with those allies who are imprisoned because of this and send Tony an olive branch. He needs time to grieve but if he ever needs me, I will stand with him.

For now, I am taking Bucky to Wakanda where he will be getting treatment to clear his mind of HYDRA’s programming. If their secret technology is anything like Prince T’Challa’s suit, then he should be in good hands.

I never imagined that I would be a fugitive for protecting the innocent, but I won’t stop. I am a soldier. We never stop fighting.

I hope you have enjoyed this Writing Exercise. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, TV Time, and Letterboxd. I’ll be back in two weeks with another article about the entertainment and news I give my life away to every day.

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