August 2018 Content Update

It has been a busy summer for me. I joined a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons homebrew campaign and have had a few sessions playing as Akil Muzara, a former Runeguard fighter for the Cynherian Empire. It has been a blast so far and sessions should be continuing by the time this posts. I have … Continue reading August 2018 Content Update

Summer 2018 Content Update

Spring 2018 Semester is Ending! I have been prioritizing school and work all semester. But now that Summer is on the way, I will be sharing some of the writing pieces I completed as part of my Written for Class series. I am really proud of some of the work that I've done this semester, … Continue reading Summer 2018 Content Update

Update: Actual Content Incoming

Hello whoever is still paying attention to a very dusty and inactive blog that was made and then immediately ignored. Congratulations on sticking it out for this long. For that alone you should get a reward because you stayed when there was nothing. So just for you (actually for myself but you can share it) … Continue reading Update: Actual Content Incoming