October 2018 Content Update

After some time away from The Blog, I’ve figured out a more sensible writing schedule.

New articles will be published on Wednesdays at least twice a month to The MediaMarty17 Blog. The school year has begun and I now know how much (or how little) time I have available to write articles. This summer showed me firsthand how long it can take for me to fully develop an idea into an article. There were many times where, for example,  a simple review turned into a much larger analysis. I want to give myself enough time to let those ideas bloom.

There were also some days where almost no progress was made on an idea. The mind is the writer’s most important tool. If my mind is not in the right environment to be creative, progress will not be made. Cutting my output frequency to a minimum of twice a month will allow me to devote myself to work, school, and this Blog while maintaining my mental health.

Previously announced series and projects are still happening. The day this posts will be my second day of actively writing articles again. I can’t give a definitive date of when they will be published to the blog because I don’t want to have to backtrack if can’t make those dates. The articles I post here are very important to me. I do not want to ever spoil your enjoyment of them.

Make sure to Follow this blog so that you are alerted the minute content drops. You can also follow me on Twitter for my opinions on everything I don’t blog about; follow me on TV Time to see what shows I’m watching, and you can follow me on Letterboxd to see what movies I’ve seen this year. I am so excited to share articles with you about the entertainment and news that I give my life away to every day.

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