Written For Class – Guan Yu Poem

This poem was written in Spring 2017 for a Creative Writing course. Almost forgot it existed.

The Sun sets
Snow on the ground
War drums beat
To the sound of the crowd
Fires blaze
Against the faces of Two
A warrior of among kings
And the Legend Guan Yu

Wielding an axe
The warrior charges his blade
Letting the turbulence
Of the battle fade
He knows he must fight
With Strength and with Rage
For all who have challenged
Guan Yu have been flayed

He does all he must
But the warrior dies
And none have seen
Guan Yu’s demise
For He guards China
From all who dare
Destroy its values
With his might Frost Fair

So next time you wonder if you are secure
You need only look above
With a heart that is pure
Guan Yu still protects China
And all that he sees
From up above the mountains
To be below the shining seas

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