Summer 2018 Content Update

Spring 2018 Semester is Ending!

I have been prioritizing school and work all semester. But now that Summer is on the way, I will be sharing some of the writing pieces I completed as part of my Written for Class series. I am really proud of some of the work that I’ve done this semester, including an extensive Research Paper! The Research Paper is long enough for me to post it for you guys in sections. It also has a lot of cited resources, so I’ll have to look at WordPress and see how to best format the Bibliography.

I am also going to post a Review of Black Lightning Season 1. I’ve noticed that the show hasn’t gotten as much attention as Luke Cage and Black Panther. And from what I’ve seen so far, it deserves your attention for the good and for the bad. Depending on how large my review becomes, I’ll probably break that up into groups of episodes.

This summer I will also be reading Dune by Frank Herbert. I originally started last summer as part of Comicbookgirl19’s Dune Club, but I stopped reading for reasons beyond me. Now that Dune Club 2 #BacktoArrakis is on the way, there is no better time than the present to get back into the Atreides family saga.  Stay tuned to the @MediaMarty17 Twitter for random thoughts and rants while I am reading the book

Lastly, I will be posting a Fan Fiction Series titled Psycho-Pass: Liberty. This series started in a Reddit thread and has morphed into this story that I am really excited to tell. The OP on the thread has been patiently waiting for me to write this all semester. I have the broad strokes of the entire story mapped. I have been reading articles from blogs like Psychime and Nerdophiles for research. And I will be rewatching the series and the movie as I write the series.

There is so much content planned for you guys to enjoy this summer so be sure to Follow this blog on WordPress and Follow me on Twitter @MediaMartyr17 for updates on my progress. I also have TV Time and Letterboxd accounts, if you want to look at the shows and movies I’ve been watching and not talking about. And of course Mission Impossible: Fallout is coming out on July 27th so expect something more than two Twitter Rants to come from that.

Get Hyped.

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